No sooner had we written about the changes to Class 4 National Insurance in the 2017 Budget (albeit with the Caveat to ‘watch this space’), the Chancellor Philip Hammond has performed a U-turn. The Chancellor had faced an unprecedented backlash from his MPs who had accused him of breaking a general election manifesto commitment not to raise … Continue reading “Class 4 National Insurance U-Turn – Budget 2017 Update”

The Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a shock change to Class 4 National Insurance in his first Budget speech last week since attaining office. As it stands, Self-employed individuals pay Class 2 National Insurance and Class 4 National Insurance. We recently posted about changes to the way Class 2 NI is paid and it has already been announced that this is … Continue reading “Class 4 National Insurance Changes – Budget 2017”

Although the changes were introduced some time ago, we still have many clients contacting us wondering why HM Revenue & Customs have stopped collecting Class 2 National Insurance Contributions. Class 2 NI is a flat rate weekly contribution that counts towards certain benefits such as your state pension. Since 6 April 2015, the rate has … Continue reading “Why have HMRC stopped collecting my Class 2 National Insurance Payments?”

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